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«Diversity does not happen between cultures, but is inherent to the very idea of culture, and as such, it is consubstantial to all cultures.» Unesco


International Studies


School Project

L'Institut Supérieur Didactis (association loi 1901) was born in 2004. Its founders: linguists, teachers, managers, supported by the local and national communities, wished to open in France a real international portal allowing foreign students to approach the French academic curriculum with the best chance of success. French and english languages for the professional life, the intercultural relations, culture and heritage, the cross cultural management for the employability capacities and the development of international trade and projects in professional sectors such as tourism are at the heart of our business.

Our activity unfolds in France, due to close ties with universities, business schools, academic and professional partners, as well as abroad through ongoing collaboration with the institutions involved.”

Vincent FAYOLLE - PhD President